favoritar anúncio €850 Bright 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Campolide (›R. Francisco Rodrigues Lobo, 1070-009 Lisboa, Portugal) ocultar anúncio exibir



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You get a tiger patterned cushion on the long sofa. Everybody say meow. The diamond patterned bean bag also adds a quirky touch.

We think this is a good place for a happy-go-lucky couple. You’ll need a little luck to stay on your elevated throne. You’ll enjoy being away from the tourists here. It’s a 15-minute bus ride to the centre.

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You can walk to the awe-inspiring Aguas Libres aqueduct in just 8 minutes.

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We haven’t visited this place ... yet.

We send Homecheckers to visit every apartment on Spota home, so come back soon for a guided tour plus 360° and HD photos. nopromoted FOR MORE INFO:
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