favoritar anúncio €1000 Charming 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Principe Real (Tv. Cego, 1200-250 Lisboa, Portugal) ocultar anúncio exibir



Really? Tell me more...

You get to look at Lisbon’s trams on the walls while sitting on a diamond patterned bean bag. There’s also patterned artefacts above your bed. Great for culture lovers.

We think this stay is perfect for a visiting couple who want to be near to the action, but not right in it. You’ll love local culture and appreciate having interior plants.

Give me 1 more reason to live here...

There’s garden wall sections dotted around. It’s like they’ve brought the outside in.

But you need to know this...

We haven’t visited this place ... yet.

We send Homecheckers to visit every apartment on Spota home, so come back soon for a guided tour plus 360° and HD photos. nopromoted FOR MORE INFO:
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