favoritar anúncio €450 / 40m2 - Cozy studio apartment for rent in Carnaxide (R. de Outubro 19, 2790-049 Carnaxide, Portugal) ocultar anúncio exibir




This studio apartment is on the ground floor and has a sunny outdoor terrace, complete with a table and chairs. Inside, it has a double bed, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers. It also has a china cabinet and dining table. The oven, stove, and fridge are outside the kitchen. Inside the kitchen is the sink, microwave, and washing machine.

The property is in a town outside of Lisbon, just off a main road. It is near Igreja de São Romão. There are several cafes and bakeries down the street. Further down the road, you'll find a pharmacy and a post office. About an 8-minute walk away, there is a public library, a music school, and a shopping center, which includes a supermarket and restaurants. nopromoted FOR MORE INFO:
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