favoritar anúncio €950 Modern 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Arroios (Tv. do Meio do Forte, 1150-241 Lisboa, Portugal) ocultar anúncio exibir



Will I like it here?

Yes. The apartment is cozy and full of modern amenities and features.

Really? Tell me more...

You have an ensuite bathroom that feels like part of the bedroom. The main room is spacious enough for a sitting corner, dining corner, and equipped kitchenette.

Your top 3 reasons to live here:

The apartment has been recently renovated, everything's brand new!
The location is perfect, right in the heart of Lisbon.
Living a healthy life is not a problem, Campo Mártires da Pátria park is just a couple minutes away.
Our Homechecker, Cecile, said:

“This apartment has lots of natural light and the decoration is really good”

Give it to me straight...

This is a ground floor, 1-bedroom apartment on Meio de Forte street, Lisbon.

We think this apartment is perfect for people who wants to live in a quiet, cozy place with good location. nopromoted FOR MORE INFO:
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